Architectural Millwork Contractor

Architectural Millwork can take on many different forms or shapes. With over 30 years of experience, there is very little we here at Long Island Architectural Millwork Contractor, MJS woodworking haven’t seen. You may not even know that when done properly, Architectural Millwork can help raise the property value of your home. Give us a call to learn more or get a free consultation today.

As the leading working company Suffolk County, MJS Woodworking specializes in all types of wood designs, custom cabinets, constructions, handmade carvings, and even millwork. Architectural millwork is amongst the most popular of our services with both residential and commercial clients. Categorized as any visible surface, structure, or design of architecture, made of wood or synthetic wood product, architectural millwork is comprised of a broad range of building materials.

As a turn-key woodworking specialty company, we are committed to offering an extensive selection of stock and custom architectural millwork products and materials. We carry numerous kinds of architectural millwork, such as paneling, molding, and trim, which are available in many degrees of wood, synthetics, and wood/synthetic combinations. Despite the composition of the material, we carry and use high-quality products that are designed to replicate the visual appearance of wood, with different variations of colors and patterns, similar to natural wood. Our professional woodwork and millwork contractors can design and install paneling, patterned panels and surfaces, all types of trim and molding, including base, chair, and crown, within residential homes, offices, and commercial buildings.

To accommodate the needs and palettes of all of our clients, all of our products are available in different colors, patterns, sizes, grades of material, and textures. However, in the event that we do not offer a particular design or color, MJS Woodworking does provide custom architectural mill working, as well. If you are looking to match pieces from century-old homes or even recreate the style in your own, more modern home or building, you have come to the right place. Our incredibly talented team of millworkers can replicate old railings, caps, trim, and paneling that exist in older homes. Along the same lines as artists, our specialists can match the intricate designs found in antique furniture, doorway and window trim, as well as ornamental pieces that are found on the front of old homes and on the interior ceilings.