Library Contractors Long Island, MJS Woodworking

MJS Woodworking is Long Island’s leading custom library contractors, creating library masterpieces in homes, all across the island. Typically associated with luxurious homes of grandeur and lifestyles of opulence, now home libraries are not just for the rich and the famous. At MJS Woodworking, we are proudly making our mark, installing custom home libraries into homes of all shapes and sizes, for customers from all walks of life. So now you, too, can create and build your very own library, in your home or office.

Do you love the rich colors and textures of wood showcased within libraries? Or how about the smells of books and wood filling the air? Do associate home libraries as only existing in stories from the past, faraway lands, fairytales, and Hollywood movies? With MJS Woodworking, your library fantasies can become an actual reality easier than you would ever expect. Our incredible team of expert contractors, creative designers, and skilled artisans can design and build the library of your dreams, right in front of your very eyes.

Our library creations, like all of our services, are custom designed and constructed according to each client’s wish list, preferences, and style. When you choose MJS Woodworking for your home library, one of our specialists will meet with you at your home to discuss your vision, requirements, and wishes, as well as many other details. At the same time, he/she will take down the measurements of the location where you want your library and evaluate the layout for design purposes. From there, our designers will create a visual drawing of what your library will look like. Revisions can be discussed and details will be smoothed out, so the final product is truly everything you dreamt of and more.

When it comes to creating libraries, there is no dream or vision we cannot create. They are all customized from the kind of wood, color of stain, type of finish, layout of bookshelves, and even to the knobs on the doors and pulls on draws. From bookshelves that are uniformed to those that are staggered and different sizes, our designers and contractors can create the perfect storage solution and showcase for all of your books, decorations, and pictures, if the space permits. Your library can extend around the entire room, from floor to ceiling, around windows and doorways, making use of ever square foot of space. Cabinets, drawers, spaces for artwork or televisions, can all be incorporated into your design

To take your library to yet another level, MJS Woodworking can incorporate high-end, elaborate designs and even detailed carvings into the design. Specializing in millworking, we proudly employ a number of incredibly skilled, woodworking artisans, who can make any piece of wood into an artistic masterpiece. We have the talent, skill, and tools to replicate designs from any era, with hand-carved custom pieces just for you. MJS Woodworking guarantees the highest quality of craftsmanship in everything that we do and we treat each project as a work of art. There are no limits with MJS Woodworking; we are here to make your dreams come true.