Custom Fireplace Contractor / Builders

Fireplaces are one of the most sought after structures in a home, as they offer several great qualities, including heat and atmosphere. Yet, above all, they are the single most popular and important focal pieces. With so much emphasis on the fireplace, there is just as much stress on the aesthetic design and appeal of it, as well. MJS Woodworking is an expert in fireplace cabinet design and construction, with over 30 years of experience in the industry.

Fireplace Woodwork Contractors

One of the more traditional options to fireplace design is that of incorporating woodwork. Traditionally, the mantle is almost always created from wood and can add a lovely splash of character and charm to the structure. While some individuals prefer a straight, clean-cut look of a simple piece of sanded and stained wood, others prefer the rustic, imperfect look of untouched, untreated pieces. MJS Woodworking can create a mantle that fits your style, of a wood, color, and finish of your choice.

Similarly, we offer a wide selection of surrounds that outline the entire fire place, with all of the same options as the mantle. Wood surrounds, however, allow for incorporating intricate patterns and unique, ornamental carvings adding to the detail and design. These structures can be custom designed, cut, and carved to express the individual and emphasize the fireplace as a focal point.

A greater level of highlighting the significant importance and focal role of your fireplace is by installing built-ins. MJS Woodworking offers our clients customized built-in design and installations, to accommodate personal style, function, and the layout of the space. Built-ins generate a great amount of storage options, as they can include cabinets, drawers, and shelves. Additionally, they create a stark surrounding backdrop to fireplaces, making it the ultimate focal point, while serving many purposes.

If your fireplace lacks the aesthetic pampering it needs, MJS Woodworking is the solution to your problem. We can help you transform your fireplace, instantly adding visual appeal and value, and ultimately create a design and space that reflects you and your home.