3 Marketing Strategies For Custom Kitchen Manufacturers

Marketing any business can be challenging due to the nature of competition and the every changing world of advertising. Just when you think you are ahead of the curve a new social media platform drops or the search engines make an update that you need to adhere too. The goal is to always try new things and continue to promote your products or services. M.J.S. Woodworking has been in business for 30 years and we have tried all types of advertising to keep things fresh. To keep up with the times try these 3 marketing strategies for custom kitchen manufacturers.

1- Social Media. Creating social media platforms are a must have for businesses these days. They are a great way to add photos, videos and content about your company. Instagram, Facebook & Pinterest are great for Long Island Custom Kitchen Companies to post photos of our work. Setting them up and posting is simple and not time consuming at all.

2- SEO. SEO also known as search engine optimization is another great way to advertise any business online. Our SEO company, Benjamin Marc optimizes our website into our separate services such as:

• Custom Kitchens
• Bars / Island
• Bookshelves
• Libraries
• Bookshelves
• Wall Units
and more.

Several analytical softwares show that online visitors have been staying on our website longer due to starting an SEO campaign.

3- Before & After Gallery. Adding a before and after photo gallery is a good way to show your customers what you can do with their spaces. It’s hard to envision the type of work we can do in homes but when we show similar situations homeowners can get a better idea. You can also put the before and after photos on your social media platforms as well.

We hope you enjoyed 3 marketing strategies for custom kitchen manufacturers. If you have any questions or concerns please contact us anytime.